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Achoron is the home of face huggers. It is a vacation spot of dubious reputation, Achoron also has the dubious honor of being featured in a vacation postcard sold by Fester Blatz on Phleebhut. Little is known of this tourist spot, other than what is written on the back of said postcard.

"The friendly creatures of Achoron are a delight for young and old alike. Tame enough to come right up and caress you, yet wild enough to slash you to shreds if provoked."

Game Involvement Edit

During a visit to Fester Blatz's World O' Wonders on Phleebhut in Space Quest 3, Roger Wilco browsed through some of the store's selection of postcards. One of the postcards described Achoron.

Roger has encountered face huggers on two seperate occasions. First with Spikey as captain of the SCS Eureka in Space Quest V, and when he was helped by Wriggley in Space Quest 6.

References Edit

Achoron refers to a planet visited by a mining vessel in the 1979 Sci-Fi thriller movie, "Alien". The movie features an incredibly dangerous alien creature known as a "Face Hugger", that infects victims with an alien symbiote which grows and later kills its host. The creature pictured on the postcard is one of these "face huggers".

Interestingly, the Two Guys misspelled the name of the planet. In the script for the movie it is spelled, "Acheron", after the river in ancient Greek mythology

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