Andromeda System
The Andromeda System is a system in the Andromeda galaxy best known as the homeworld where the Two Guys claim to have originated from.


The Andromeda System contains at least one inhabited planet, Andromeda. In a typical alien family's living chamber on a small planet in the system, mom, pop and kid's gather around the holovision with their HV dinners, and watch "I love Lucite" reruns on channel 82^3 (home of the KZAP News).

The Andromeda System is most noted for the Andromedan Swineoids. Two famous Andromedans include the Two Guys of Andromeda, who possess pig snouts, mohawk wigs and disco glasses. Although at least Mark Crowe was actually a Homo Sapien from Earth who had impersonated the Swineoids. Typical families seem to include a race of three-eyed aliens as well. The Andromedens are presumably native to this system as well. The planet Andromeda is the home of AndromaDizney.

Fauna of the system include now-extinct Andromedan Decapuss and the blind plummeting mountain goat of Andromeda are also apparently native to this system, and the Andromedan cockroaches.

Species and FaunaEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The exact location of the Andromeda System is unclear, most details suggest that its located within the Earnon Galaxy (aka the Galaxy), same galaxy where Kerona and Xenon are located. Although the Space Quest Companion and The Official Guide To Roger Wilco's Space Adventures so mention Andromeda galaxy, the former mentions the Two Guys were kidnapped form the Andromeda galaxy (thus separating them from the Earnon Galaxy/The Galaxy proper). It further lists Milky Way as a separate galaxy as well.

Infact the Space Quest Companion suggestions that SQ3 and SQ5 occurs in another galaxy other than Andromeda, and Galactic Inquirer suggests that the black hole in SQ3 was in the Galaxy (Earnon).

It is possible that Andromeda and Earnon galaxies are located so close to each other with some overlap, or that Andromeda and Earnon are two names for the same galaxy, although Space Quest V companion would suggest otherwise. But it seems they are close enough that people from Andromeda vacation in Earnon Galaxy.

SQ6 sort of drops all the references to separate galaxies and seems to suggest that Andromeda and Earnon are the Milky Way.