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Andromeda is one of the galaxies in the universe.


Popular Xenonian television programming reaches from Neptune to Pluto, from the Milky Way to Andromeda.[1] The Two Guys from Andromeda are thought by many to be inhabitants of Andromeda galaxy, appeared to be a pair of Swineoids from the galaxy. Roger Wilco was able rescue enslavement the pair from the Andromeda galaxy[2]. They were kidnapped from the Andromeda System in the Earnon Galaxy (location of the planet Andromeda). However it was later discovered that they were actually humans from Earth.

As far as baths are concerned, things may be done different in Andromeda, especially for the Swineoids.[3]


  • Officially "Andromeda galaxy" is only alluded to within "The Space Quest Companion" and "The Official Guide To Roger Wilco's Space Adventures, and Galactic Inquirer. It is not directly mentioned within the games themselves.
  • Most of SQ3 appears to take place not far from the Andromeda System. Several hints point to the game taking place not far from 'Andromeda'. The manual discusses the Two Guys from Andromeda being kidnapped from the Andromeda System (a system many presume is located within Andromeda galaxy) by ScumSoft. The ingame parser refers to itself as the "Andromeda dictionary". Most of the sectors appear to be located within the same galaxy. Although technically the name of the "galaxy" itself is not mentioned in the game (and it could be implied that Andromeda is a system in the Earnon Galaxy).
  • The card rack in sq3 is said to hold postcards from "all corners of the galaxy" (though it doesn't name the galaxy specifically). In the companion it contains additional cards including one for Kerona. Kerona is a planet in the Earnon galaxy. There is also a card that appears to say "Xenon" which can be seen on the rack in-game (suggesting that the game is set in Earnon galaxy). There also appears to be a guard with a possible picture of Earth (which certainly isn't in the 'corners of the galaxy'), and in the companion it is stated that one of the cards is of Terra III (Earth).
  • The reference to Xenon television may be saying that its not only within Earnon galaxy but also reaches both Andromeda and Milky Way (obviously Xenon is not on Neptune). In this context with reference listing two planets in the first part, the second part certainly appears to relate to two galaxies, rather than a galaxy and a planet. Hence its mentioning the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies.
  • When Roger and the Two Guys reached Earth, they looked up at the sky bright with stars and were unable to see Andromeda. All three were far away from homes they might not see again.[4] Based on the context they are probably talking about the system, or that Andromeda galaxy can be seen from the Earnon galaxy (in which SQ3 takes place).
  • The quadrant in SQ5 appears to be in a wide area between Nova Space Station (which lies within the Galaxy, but not Milky Way) and Andromeda.[5], which may suggest that the game takes place in another galaxy other than Andromeda, suggesting that SQ5 takes place in the Earnon galaxy (on the other hand he may be discussing the space between Nova Station and the planet Andromeda, the context is not entirely clear, which might place both Nova Station and Andromeda in the same galaxy).
  • The Galactic Inquirer also suggests that the blackhole in SQ3 was in the same galaxy in which SQ5 takes place (Mondorian blackhole). The Milky Way is treated as a separate galaxy. The inquirer also suggested that "Andromeda" may be outside the galaxy, "...far off Andromeda"[6] and "...throughout Andromeda."[7] Although a few of the references in the Inquirer or the one in the Space Quest Companion may be referring to the Andromeda planet or the system. The latter may be Andromeda system, as it also seems to imply that the article took place in "local" space. The former reference "far off Andromeda" appears to be the context from the writer ot he article (hence likely far off from wherever Intergalactic Inquirer is published from). This could be a reference to the galaxy, but just as easily could be a reference to the system.
  • Technically only the official published books and possibly the Inquirer confirm the Andromeda galaxy. In-game references seem to focus mainly on Andromeda system and the Andromeda planet (these seem to be implied to be in the same galaxy as the previous Space Quests, "Earnon").
  • It may be possible that Earnon and Andromeda galaxies are located near enough that many of the sectors and the black hole visited by Roger in SQ3 are actually still within Earnon galaxy itself, but still relatively close to Adromeda System in the Andromeda galaxy (this would explain Kerona on the card rack possibly). It's also possible due to the fact that Arcada was in the Outer Zone of the galaxy, that the escape pod passed into Andromeda Galaxy or Kerona exists in an area where the two galaxys overlap.
  • Another posibility is that Earnon and Andromeda are alternate names for the same galaxy (although this would contradict comments that SQ5 is not in Andromeda galaxy) (or that Andromeda is "far off").

This seems to be the sci-fi equivalent of the "real" Andromeda Galaxy, one of the few links between reality and the SQ universe.

Behind the scenesEdit

If Andromeda are near or overlap each other they may be an example of a double or multiple galaxies, galaxies with connecting arms, or interacting galaxy.

If Andromeda and Earnon are double galaxies with connecting arms, it may be that the Andromeda System lies within the arms of both galaxies.


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