Andromedans are the inhabitants of Andromeda System in the galaxy. The well known Andromedan species are the Andromedan Swineoids. The three-eyed species from the Andromeda System may also be known as Andromedans. Roger found and rescued a couple of Andromedans from the jelloid they were trapped in.[1]

It was later discovered that Mark Crowe formerly of the Two Guys from Andromeda was actually a Homo Sapien from Earth and had been impersonating an Andromedan.

Snarkgurgle Snuffleslurple is a Swineoid as well, but it is unknown if he is Andromedan.

Andromedans have a symbol for "Life" (a toilet).[2]

ComPost Database Entry Edit


These repugnant creatures are known for their mohawk 'dos and their well-developed prehensile snouts, with which they can pick up small objects, give themselves neckrubs, and unleash projectile mucosa at enemies.

The most famous Andromedan are the "Two Guys", who rose above their humble Andromedan beginnings to become two of the most popular and successful game designers in the galaxy.

They were once kidnapped and pressed into servitude by the notorious ScumSoft corporation, but were later rescued by an unidentified worker.

Most Andromedans prefer flavored foreign coffees, such as Hazelnut Mocha Mistake and Vanilla Cottage Cheese.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Andromedan System actually seems to be implied to be located within the Earnon Galaxy rather than the Andromeda Galaxy. Although the Andromeda galaxy does get mentioned in The Space Quest Companion and the The Official Guide To Roger Wilco's Space Adventures there are no specific quotes tieing Andromedan's to the galaxy.

Known AndromedansEdit


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