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The Arcada (pronounced ar-caw-duh) was a Starship and Starlab and the home of the Star Generator Project tasked with saving the Earnon system from destruction. In another time in space it was the Arcada (original version).


Light-years from Earth's solar system the people of the galaxy Earnon have been struggling to maintain the precious balance of life. The Sun of Earnon is slowly dying. The planets grow cold. Food is no longer plentiful. Life will soon become impossible to sustain. The scientific community of Xenon devised a plan to convert one of Earnon's lifeless planets into a new Sun.

The effort was centered around the development of a device called the Star Generator. The Star Generator would be capable of igniting an otherwise useless planet into a raging ball of flame. An expedition set out aboard the starship Arcada to successfully complete development and testing of the Star Generator.

The Arcada held a crew of thousands.

Game InvolvementEdit

The Arcada was Roger Wilco's first post. It was a scientific vessel that carried the Star Generator for a short period of time before it was boarded by Sariens, and was destroyed during that incident through the activation of its self-destruct mechanism. The only known survivor (besides the Sariens) was Roger Wilco, who managed to avoid the Sariens and escape in an escape pod.

Areas of the ArcadaEdit

Upper LevelEdit

Corridor 1 (Alpha corridor)Edit

A corridor on the upper deck of the Arcada. The Sanitation Engineering Supply Depot HQ (janitor's closet) is found here on the upper deck.

Exits to the right lead to Corridor 3. The exits to the left lead to Corridor 2 from the lower deck, and the Data Archive Room from the upper deck. The elevator leads to the Mid Level.

Corridor 2 (Beta deck)Edit

A corridor on the upper deck of the Arcada.

Exits to the left lead to Corridor 3. The exits to the right lead to Corridor 1 from the lower deck, and the Data Archive Room from the upper deck. The door on the lower deck leads to the Star Generator Development Lab.

Corridor 3Edit

A corridor on the upper deck of the Arcada.

Roger Wilco found a keycard on a body found in the upper-right of this area.

Exits to the right lead to Corridor 2. The exits to the left lead to Corridor 1.

Data Archive Storage Cabin (Data Archive)Edit

Data Archive Storage Cabin

This is the Data Archive Storage Cabin, holding the Arcada's library.

It is fully equipped with a Model DX Cartridge Retrieval Unit. It holds many files (although access to the catalog requires security clearance) including one filed under Astral Body.

The exit to the left leads to Corridor 2. The exit to the right leads to Corridor 1.

Star Generator Development Laboratory (Gamma level)Edit

Development Laboratory

The Star Generator Lab[1] is the research platform used to develop and test the Star Generator.

The Star Generator was stolen during the invasion by the Sariens. This room normally requires a high security clearance to enter, which Roger Wilco did not possess. Roger entered this room after the invasion, and there he discovered that the auto-destruct sequence had been activated. According to some theories, he also retrieved a magnet from this room.

The door leads back out to the corridor.

Captain's loungeEdit

Mid-Lower LevelEdit

Development laboratory facilityEdit


The Mid Level on the Arcada is a development facility and laboratories.

The left side is used to reach the Upper Levels.

The exit to the right leads to the Central Control Area. The elevator leads to the Upper Level.

The right side of the development lads includes the controls The exit to the left leads to the left area.

This area is mainly used to access the security-restricted Lower Levels, it also contains the controls to pod bay.

Lower LevelEdit

Airlock (Flight Preparation Room[2])Edit


This room is used to prepare personnel for flight.

A small drawer contains a Dialect Translator, and a closet containing a space suit. A warning is displayed above the closets if the bay doors are open, and the airlock can then be opened via the control panel at the back of the room.

The elevator leads back to the Mid Level. The airlock leads to the Vehicle Bay.

Vehicle Bay (Launch Bay)Edit

Vehicle closed

This is the pod bay used for launching Escape Pods.

The airlock leads back to the Flight Prep Room.


Behind the Scenes Edit

The Arcada resembles a roasted chicken.

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