Arnoids are a type of Terminoid droid created by Arnoid Droidworks on the planet Terminus.


There has been much debate over the centuries as to whether Arnoids are organics or Mechs, sentients or AI's, or some cyborgic combination of all of the above. Just about everybody in the galaxy agrees that Arnoids talk funny and hold their arms at amusing angles. They have bigger muscle masses and protuberances than allowable by law in all star systems, but one. That, of course, is the Terminus system--their place of origin. Closed to outsiders since its initial discovery, almost nothing is known about Terminus and its inhabitants. It's assumed they have two sexes--the males called Arnoids; the females, Arnoids. As you might imagine, it can be very difficult to tell the genders apart. It's assumed that the Terminoids don't have any problems recognizing recognizing each other's gender, but one can never be sure. To the rest of the civilized galaxy, all Arnoids look exactly the same, and all of them are named Arnoid. It's really true--if you've seen one, you've seen them all. And that's more than enough for most beings.

One well-accepted school of thought claims Terminoids reproduce digitally--editing together body parts and bad dialogue from old vids, and passing them through a matter transmitter. There disregard for proper inflection while speaking, an unnatural predelication for big cigars, and a completely nonexistent sense of humor are often cited as irrefutable proof of this theory.

If Arnoids possess emotions, they haven't bothered to notifiy anyone about them. For this reason, virtually every Terminoid is employed as either a mercenary, bounty hunter, bill collector, or classroom cop. The others are seen on WANTED posters.

At a distance, Arnoids might be mistaken for humans. Up close, though, the macabre gap that they call have between their front teeth reveals what you're really dealing with. It's only seen when they grin. They grin like death. Or total deletion[1]

One classification of the Arnoids is the Arnoid-1000 Exterminator.

After a century, Terminus began to create a new female model, the goddess-class, Wonderwoman Droidoid.


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