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General Information Edit

Apparantly a big ball of sand, Arrakis has the dubious honor of being featured on a vacation postcard sold by Fester Blatz on Phleebhut. Little is known of this tourist spot but what is written on the back of said postcard.

"A great spot for winter travel, Arrakis holds many delights for the adventurous vacationer. Nothing can compare with a blinding dust storm, or being crushed by a sandworm."

The planet is famous for the Arakkis Corp which is known for colonizing other planets such as Kerona.[1]

The spicy scent of the dunes on Kerona reminds Roger Wilco of a weekend he once spent on Arrakis.[2]

Game Involvement Edit

During a visit to Fester Blatz's World O' Wonders on Phleebhut in Space Quest 3, Roger Wilco browsed through some of the store's selection of postcards. One of the postcards described Arrakis.

Cultural references Edit

Arrakis refers to a planet featured in a book entitled, "DUNE" written by Sci-fi author, Frank Herbert. The book and its sequels are considered one of the more successful and popular Sci-fi series on the market. It was made into a movie in 1984.

One of the most notable sci-fi effects in the film involves giant sand snakes that some of the characters use for desert travel.


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