Roger Wilco retrieved a data cartridge called 'Astral Body' from the Arcada prior to its destruction. Encoded in it are the blueprints for the Star Generator, and a warning that the Sariens may be attempting to capture the original. Roger was able to view it at the Keronian underground room, and was able to discover the self-destruct code for the generator from this cartridge.

Astral Body Formation: The Untold StoryEdit

Whosoever shall read this: My name is Dr. Slash Vohaul. I am a scientist with The Star Generator Project aboard the Starlab Arcada.

We have just successfully completed development and testing of The Star Generator. During this time I have come to believe that our progress has been monitored by others. I fear that the Sariens may have learned of our mission.

If my fears prove true, The Star Generator and the people of our universe are in serious jeopardy. The Star Generator is a miraculous device. Used as intended, it will help preserve life for eons to come. Used as a device for evil, it would cause the destruction of millions of lives and enslave all who oppose the Sariens.

Encoded within this cartridge are all plans and specifications for the construction of the Star Generator. Should any disaster befall the Star Generator project, scientists would be able to create a duplicate of the Star Generator with this information.

Please guard this with your life. Return it to the Xenon ruling body as quickly as is possible.

Important note: The Star Generator is capable of self-destruction. This was introduced to the system as a precaution. To activate it one must enter the code: 6858

A five minute timer will begin to count down. Beware - anyone within five kilometers of the Star Generator will be in danger once the timer has been initiated. Please be careful and good luck!

Behind the scenesEdit

In the remake the cartridge is located in a randomly generated subject matter.

The scientist who gives the information of where to find secret letter and plans to Roger is most likely Slash Vohaul.

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