The information from this article is from the fan game SQ0 and is therefore not canon.

Gender: Female
Species: Phleebhutinski
Profession and/or purpose:

Owner of Spaceport Souvenirs

Games seen or mentioned in:


Locations seen or mentioned in:

Labion Spaceport

Voice Actor(s):


Bambi (recently deceased) is the daughter of Fester Blatz (unofficial). She was the spitting image of the girls in current fashion magazines, and was the talk of the spaceport. Flirts excessivly, and deals in weapons, armor and Orium.

Roger Wilco visited her outlet in order to sell several items.

She talked about her father, a tourist trap tycoon out on Phleebut (unofficial), who believed humanoids were really dumb. But she didn't believe that. Her father is rich, and owns many stores throughout the galaxy.

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