The information from this article is from the fan game s and is therefore not canon.

Vohaul Strikes BackEdit


Roger and Beatrice ultimately are married, and have twins together. One of these twins turns out to be Roger Wilco Jr. (unofficial).


Beatrice and Roger never marry. Though they stay together for years. The fate of the twins are not known.


In this timeline, Roger Wilco and Beatrice never were married, and they never had a son together (at least not physically or remembered by either, there is no evidence of the 'twins').

Roger may have chased Beatrice down before she got on an escape pod and left his life entirely saving his relationship (at least for a time). If they ever finally married is unknown (although SQ4 would suggest they did get married, if Roger Jr wasn't lieing to Roger).
Bea bridezilla

Bea's pissed at Roger for stopping her wedding. (From SQInc)


Beatrice considers why she stays with Roger. (As seen in SQInc)

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