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Bicranial Crudsnorter

Imagine a Crudsnorter, only with a bifurcated cranium. Bicranial Crudsnorters are limber, simian creatures with frontal lobes the size of Talosian Binary Casabras.

One would assume this makes them smarter than the average simian. One would be very wrong. Bicranial Crudsnorters prove the old adage that it's not how big your brain is, it's what you do with it.

Just like their monocranial cousins, they spend most of their time snorting crud and then hacking it out again in extended coughing fits that often last up to twelve hours.

While they're not gagging and choking, Bicranial Crudsnorters enjoy swimming, cycling, jazz and eating Gibberelian Dustmites.

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