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SCS Deepship 86

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Collective of individuals sharing a hive mind, but led by Nocuticles. Their spaceships are cube-shaped, and they conquer their enemies by turning them into scoops of lemon sorbet. They were stopped in their infiltration of the SCS DeepShip 86 by Roger Wilco, and were last seen near Polysorbate LX. Creators of the Presto Hot Dogger and Dazey Seal-A-Meal. Security in the shuttlebay was increased after their invasion. They appeared in the demo of Space Quest 6, but this was a stand-alone plot, and they did not appear in the full game, except as a ComPost entry, and a drone roaming the streets of Polysorbate.

The Invasion of the SCS Deepship 86 (in words and pictures)Edit

Nocuticles kielbasa
In the SQ6 Demo, the two Bjorn invaded the SCS DeepShip 86 and turned everyone except Roger into lemon sorbet.
Nocuticles started interfacing with the computer
The second Bjorn went elsewhere.
Nocuticles lured
Roger managed to lure the leader over to the captain's chair with a plate of Bjorn chow
Nocuticles grab chow
The Bjorn chowed down on the chow, which distracted him from what Roger was doing.
Nocuticles fall
Roger then used the ClapMaster™ to deactivate Nocuticles. As this ended the invasion, it must be assumed that the deactivation of the leader caused the other Bjorn to also deactivate. Roger was then able to use the Sorbet Bioconverter Belt to restore the crew.

ComPost Database Entry Edit

The Bjorn, a race of half-humanoid, half-kitchen-appliance creatures, are the scourge of the known universe. The Bjorn seek out civilizations in order to assimilate them.

The collected knowledge of each civilization is then applied to the task of creating newer, shinier kitchen appliances. This is how the Presto Hot Dogger and Dazey Seal-A-Meal were invented.

The leader of the Bjorn is the toaster-skulled Nocuticles. StarCon has posted a reward for the deactivization of Nocuticles, who may be recognized by a socket just below the anterior crust control.

This socket is typically used to connect Nocuticles to various power sources in order to recharge him, and through him, the entire Bjorn collective.

The great irony is that the Bjorn never spend any time in the kitchen, preferring to send out. They eat a peculiar mixture of batteries, nuts, bolts, and reprocessed organic sludge (Replicator Code #7469410).

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Bjorn are based on the Borg from Star Trek. The actual name comes from the former Swedish tennis player Bjorn Borg.
  • Their cube appears to be an [wikipedia:impossible cube|impossible cube].