Black Hole Bertha

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General Information Edit

Not exactly a vacation spot, Black Hole Bertha was featured in a vacation postcard sold by Fester Blatz on Phleebhut. Little is known of this black hole but what is written on the back of said postcard.

"Like a giant interstellar vacuum, Black Hole Bertha comes sweeping through the galaxy. All travelers are advised to stay away from Bertha. Just buy the post card, then tell everyone you went there."

Game Involvement Edit

During a visit to Fester Blatz's World O' Wonders on Phleebhut in Space Quest 3, Roger Wilco browsed through some of the store's selection of postcards. One of the postcards described Black Hole Bertha.
It is possible that Black Hole Bertha is the black hole through which Roger and the Two Guys from Andromeda traveled to Earth. Space quest V states the black hole roger went through the Mondorian blackhole. In the Space Quest Companion, the cards included the Black Hole of Oakhurst.