The Black Spiny Kisser is a dangerous alien creature apparently once native to Xenon.


The Black Spiny Kisser was at one time the most dreaded beast on Xenon. But the creatures were thought to be extinct. They were not extinct but moved to another planet. Sludge Vohaul kept one as a pet.[1] It's a dark prehistoric-looking beast with plates covering it's body. One outstanding feature is a pair of gigantic red lips.

They are incredibly ugly, skinny as rail and with the biggest, fattest, slobberiest lips on any creature alive. They love humans. One kiss from the dreaded Black Spiny Kisser is worse than ten stings from a scorpazoid. If it sees someone it will not stop until it hunts them down. Some are known for their ability to even walk through walls.

Once the Black Spiny Kisser french kisses his victim, it leaves one of its offspring inside. The larva grows inside the victim, until it finally bursts out of the person's chest. After gaining freedom from its flesh fortress, the odd little alien runs away leaving the victim lying on the floor like a used, over-sized placenta. It is a darn tough, yet unique, way to go.

Behind the scenesEdit

These were known as the Spiny Alien Thangs in SQ6.


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