Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession and/or purpose:

Droid Hunter

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Voice Actor(s):

Jarion Monroe

Backstory Edit

Blaine Rohmer was a loner-type humanoid with a definite sense of direction, perhaps from an overseeing corporate entity. He sought to recover endodroids for profit and was last seen walking the streets of Polysorbate LX.

Game Involvement Edit

While visiting Polysorbate LX in Space Quest 6, Roger was approached by Rohmer to track down a rogue endodroid. He provided Roger with a unmodified datacorder with which to find it.

After Roger successfully found and apprehended the endodroid, Rohmer grudgingly paid Roger for his services and went to retrieve the droid from Orion's Belt. Shortly following, there was an altercation or accident within the bar and the endodroid escaped.

The current condition of Blaine Rohmer is unknown, though it is assumed that he was likely killed or at least severely maimed in the incident.

References Edit

The character of Blaine Rohmer is a reference to the 1982 science fiction movie, "Blade Runner". The character's name sounds quite similar to the movie title. There are several other references to the movie in the game.

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