Boss was one of the crew members on board the Starlab Arcada.[1] He was killed by the Sariens. He may have been a scientist.


While working under him, Roger Wilco often played sick, taking time to goof off, and spent hours sleeping in the closet when he should have been working. Roger Wilco also called him many names.

He once gave Roger Wilco an Arcada model builder for Christmas which proved useful for Roger in learning how to navigate and understand the controls in the ship.[2]

Roger Wilco discovered his body in the hallway outside of the Star Generator Room in the Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (original version) era.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the original game there are two bodies outside the lab door, one is a scientist and other other is a lab technician. It is not specific which one is supposed to be "Boss". However a scientist would be a position above a lab technician. The lab technician may actually be Dave (original version) (as that is the corpses name in SQ1VGA) although Roger doesn't seem to know him or his name in the original and only figures out his position by examining the body.

In the The Adventures of Roger Wilco comics, Roger's Boss is given the name Colonel Bodge, and he actually the only other survivor of the Arcadia incident.


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