A Boss is an employer or superviser, often a person of authority in an organization or corporation.


Roger Wilco is often looked down on by his bosses for doing a poor job at his janitorial work. Ken Williams, the boss of Sierra On-Line, wouldn't even hire him. Roger Wilco is often fired by his bosses for his shoddy work. The fact that he keeps getting hired, and sometimes promoted is testament to the fact that there are few who would want his job.

In some cases, a boss may be the leader of a crime organization. Sludge Vohaul for example is the boss of Sariens, Apeoids, and Sequel Police, and other scum of the galaxy[1]. Sometimes a boss of a crime syndicate and a corporation are one and the same. For example Elmo V. Pug's ScummSoft is the front for an organization of Software Pirates.

Behind the scenesEdit

Roger Wilco being hired, fired, and demoted or ignored by his bosses is a running gag in the SQ series.

  • "Gee, thanks! What a swell boss!"


  • Narrator (SQ6): "It looks vaguely like your heinie after it's been chewed out by your boss."


  1. SQ4 Manual, pg

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