A recently-constructed shaft between the hemispheres of Stellar's brain.

The brain is the center of all thought and activity in a humanoid body. It is protected by the Meninges

When Roger Wilco entered Stellar Santiago's body in order to remove the Nanites that had infested her, he encountered her brain. After disposing of the Nanites on the brain surface, he proceeded down a shaft that was constructed between the hemispheres of Stellar's brain!

There were several brain centers in the shaft. From top to bottom, these were:

  • Her motor control center.
  • Her pleasure center.
  • Her cough control center.
  • Her "choice of men" center. Roger said it looks a little odd.

Roger was able to stimulate her cough control center to clear a blockage which lead to an area of the Brain where Sharpei was located.

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