Wow, only two.

A brig is a heavily guarded room aboard starships. It is used to contain criminals and fugitives.

StarCon brigs are more spartan, as the Confederation doesn't believe in cruel and unusual punishment until the prisoner reaches a starbase.

Brigs are commonly covered in 5 directions by bulkheads (composed of Duroethylene Plasto-brick) with an electrostatic force field on the sixth side, which can be turned off and on as an entrance or exit way. The rear of the cells have windows with Quintuple-Thick Dynapane Glass, with bars for atmosphere. There are also a dihydrogen oxide dispenser, a digestive by-product receptacle, and a plain Quadro-Full cot in the cells.

In order to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers, the cells on board the SCS DeepShip 86 are labelled "105" and "106." Actually, these are the only two cells aboard the ship (the subtlety is usually lost on these intergalactic criminal-types, though). A Creature from the Ego resides in cell 105, leaving cell 106 open for actual use. Roger Wilco was held there for a short period during Space Quest 6, charged with intentional incapacitation of a security guard, Chesbro, using the Vulgar Nerve Pinch (Later, Roger repeated his move, but got away because there were no conscious witnesses).

Cell 106 is infamous for the permanent blood stain on the floor. That stain came into being when Red Bovine, a Ferbangi slave trader, tried to escape by crawling out the porthole and immediately imploded. That's why they refer to it as the "Red Blood Cell".

Gazing out the brig's window reminds Roger of a legendary prisoner named the Birdman of DeepShip 12, who raised homing pigeons in his cell for months. He then hatched a scheme in which he'd write notes and attach them to the pigeons and send the pigeons out the window in search of help. Naturally, the birds would immediately explode upon being released into outer space, but he never gave up. When he was released, he was heavily recruited by SOL, Inc.

A Mr. Soylent is provided to facilitate the distribution of nourishment to prisoners through the means of a hovercraft.


The "azwipe" from Sharpei's quarters is here referred to as toilet paper.

The messages in this room aren't very consistent about the laws of physics. It says that the Ferbangi slave trader imploded immediately upon exiting to outer space, while the pigeons exploded immediately. While, according to this page from NASA's "Imagine the universe!", a human (and supposedly other organic life forms) could survive for half a minute in outer space without permanent injury as long as they did not try to hold their breath. But, you wouldn't implode at all you are exposed.


The "Red Blood Cell" is obviously a reference to the same term in biology.

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