Brine Apes are one of the four known species from the planet Sorenia to have survived its collision with an asteroid, along with Brine Monkeys, Brine Marsupials and Brine Aardvarks.

As all water evaporated from the planet's ecosystem, these lifeforms adapted by encapsulating themselves in cyst-like eggs that hatch when immersed in water.

A company called Cereno Products Inc. eventually found out about this and begun mining these eggs to market them as "Space Apes". They are provided with the famous "You bought it, you own it" guarantee.

Game InvolvementEdit

These creatures have not directly appeared in Space Quest and they've only been referenced to in a ComPost database entry.

The Brine Monkeys, however, made an appearance in Space Quest 5 (as "Space Monkeys") and were involved in the destruction of Molly's Chug & Glug SpaceBar.

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