Buckazoid Bill's Arcade and Sushi Bar

Buckazoid Bill's Arcade and Sushi Bar (a subsidiary of ScumWorld Arcade) is a subsidiary of Vohaul Enterprises run by Buckazoid Bill.[1]


It is a typical gaming establishment, and is the kind of place where unwashed teen-agers stand around smoking, sweating and performing other unmentionable teen-ager acts. Games including classic games like Ms. Astro Chicken, Cap'n Zappo, Slime Flyer, Monaco Princess Stunt Drivin', Choke and Croak, Ghetto Blaster, and Dweeb Hunter. Unusually for an arcade, Buckazoid Bill's also has a sushi bar machine, although from the looks of the dead fish inside the machine, it looks like it wasn't one of Bill's better ideas. Decoration is in the form of two video art forms (one showing a hand throwing a pizza, and the other showing a computer-generated fractal simulation of a washing machine) and a change machine, the latter of which caused Gary Owens to comment that "the change machine looks like a time machine more than the time machine looks like a time machine (for a change!)".

During Roger's visit to the Galaxy Galleria, he visited the arcade in order to play Ms. Astro Chicken. However, while he was looking around, the Sequel Police parked their Timepod in the Arcade.

One game is described as being unoriginal in that it features "frogs jumping from log to log". This is a reference to arcade classic Frogger.


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