Circuit Sidney

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Doug Boyd

Circuit Sidney is an artificial lifeform stationed on SCS DeepShip 86.


His cybernetic brain uses a positronic matrix to form thoughts. He is a Lieutenant Commander (Engineering), and as such has access to vital parts of the ship. Even though he has no emotions, he has been known to make friends, yet they still take advantage of him by "borrowing" certain items, like his body parts. One of his best friends is Roger Wilco.

Game Involvement Edit

While serving aboard the SCS Deepship 86 in Space Quest 6, Roger "borrowed" a few of Sidney's parts in order to escape the ship in a shuttle during his attempt to save Stellar Santiago. Since Sidney was a good friend to Roger, he was more than willing to lend a hand... er arm... and an eye. Unfortunately it is not known whether Roger ever actually returned the borrowed components.

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Circuit Sidney is a spoof on Lieutenant Commander Data, an android from Star Trek: The Next Generation. His name is a spoof on the large US chain of electronics stores, Circuit City.

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