Roger's mother always told him to always pull an appliance's power cord out by gripping the plug, not pulling on the wire. On the other hand, faced with living in a converted cargo bay, and needing an in-flight catalog novelty item to save one's crew from a fate worse than that of an unpopular ice cream flavor, the lessons one's mother taught might just ring sour.

Game InvolvementEdit

Cm pin


One of the prongs on the ClapMaster's power cord comes off in the socket when Roger yanks on it. Can't save the crew of the DeepShip 86 from sorbet-happy cyborgs with only one prong. Unable to retrieve the obstinate prong with only his fingers (at least not without dying in characteristicaly "Wily Coyote" fashion) Roger must use a pair of pliers from the DeepShip 86's shuttle. See? There's always an excuse to steal tools from colleagues in a dire emergency. One can only hope the inclusion of duct tape with the pliers in the shuttle's glove compartment speaks for itself, considering how poorly grounded the sockets in Roger's quarters seem to be.

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