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Green Droid

Model: Class T-Model Droid
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40 Buckazoids (used)

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The Class T-Model droid is a navigation droid that Roger Wilco bought at Labion Spaceport, and used it fly the Golonian Cruiser. The stuttering little droid performed admirably, and even saved Roger from heat-exposure on Ortega.

Another (or perhaps the same) Class T-Model droid was for sale at Droids-B-Us for 40 Buckazoids. A little dinged-up, the salesman assured Roger Wilco that it wasnot as bad as it looks. According to some Roger bought it, but apparently it only lasted a couple of minutes after leaving the shop.

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The information from this article is from the fan game SQ0 and is therefore not canon.

Behind the scenesEdit

The green droid does not have a name or model in SQ1. It is known as Companion droid in some official sources.