Dacron Danny

Dacron Danny Does Dirty Deeds in the Dark Wearing Drip-dry Duds is a game produced by Sahara Off-Ramp and available for 51 buckazoids from the Bargain Bin at Software Excess. The game is a ripoff starring of another video game series starring Dacron Danny.[1]

Back of BoxEdit

Imagine a character SO offensive, SO sexually inept, and SO lame-brained that you just can't wait to step into his shoes! That's Dacron Danny, first in the Sahara Off-Ramp's new educational series of true-life adventures from the team of Hal Lowe Can You Go! Learn how others see YOU! Dacron Danny... your computer guide to your inner self!

Behind the scenesEdit

The game is a spoof of "Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards" (More commonly known as "Leisure Suit Larry 1"), both the alliteration in the name and the main character's face and description. Even the company name, Sahara Off-Ramp, is a spoof of Sierra On-Line.

"Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" is a song by AC/DC.

The phrase "Hal Lowe Can You Go" is a reference to Al Lowe (the creator of the Leisure Suit Larry series) and phonetically similar to the phrase "How low can you go".

This game appears in and is mentioned in the The Official Guide to Roger Wilco's Space Adventures' novelization of the game.

It was left out from the original versions of Space Quest 4 for unknown reasons, but the image and an audio commentary were later found by fans in the game's data files. It has been made available again in the Space Quest 4 CD Version Update by NewRisingSun.

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  1. The Official Guide to Roger Wilco's Space Adventures, Second Edition, 223

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