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The information from this article is from the fan game SQ0 and is therefore not canon.

Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Profession and/or purpose:


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Dr. Damien Bowdler was a leading Thearetical Geneticist assassinated by members of R.A.L.P.H.[1].


He was a research scientist stationed at Labion. Died as a result of having a coat hanger stand punched through his abdomen.

Roger Wilco found him in his room (after finding his keycard), and stole his towel and the coat hanger stand.

Scientists Log - 364.0266Edit

Lately I've been studying the effects of sodium. I've been able to extract the salt from my own sweat, and use it for a number of odd experiments. The cave bees are strangely attracted to them.

Scientists Log - 364.0267Edit

I've accidentally killed one of my favorite little slime devils. While playing with him on the chair, I knocked a beaker of salt crystals onto him and evaporated both him and my favorite chair. Rats.

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