Davicon 5 is a planet in the Davicon system in StarCon space. It appears to lie near the planet Nova, which is the location of the StarCon Academy. It lies somewhere in or near the G6 Quadrant, and is distant from the planet Xenon. The moon Vulcan revolved around the planet.


According to a travel brochure is published by the Davicon Board of Tourism, the planet Davicon 5 is a great travel destination and is fun for the whole family, it is supposed to provide an economical vaction option. The Rotunda of the StarCon Academy looks out over the planet, and nearby moons.

Behind the scenesEdit

Judging how close the moons of Nova are to Davicon 5, its possible that Davicon 5 is part of a binary planet, or that the two planets pass extremely close by each other at times.

Also known as Planet Davicon 5 in the text files.

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