David (aka Dave) was a lab technician on board the Arcada. He had been forced to serve in the Xenon National Guard but was not bitter about it. Roger Wilco owed him a couple of buckazoids. He was killed by Sariens near Blanche outside of the Star Generator Lab.

Behind the scenesEdit

This was an unnamed lab technician in the original SQ1 that was located near a dead research scientist. One of two characters that inspired the Boss in the Official Guide to Roger Wilco's Space Adventures first edition. In the game Roger doesn't appear to know the character's name, and only figures out its position by doing a cursory glance over the corpse. 

In early versions of Space Quest 1, when you typed "ken" in the opening screen aboard the Arcada, Sierra CEO Ken Williams would walk onto the screen and complain that the game was behind schedule. Doing this twice would produce the message "Dave? Dave's not here". This egg does NOT work with version 2.2 of SQ1, which is supplied with the Space Quest Collection CD. (From the Space Quest FAQ)

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