Def-Tech is a security droid available in the Droids-B-Us store.

Salesbug descriptionEdit

Ah! This model is one of my personal favorites. It was produced exclusively for Droids-B-Us by a small planet who used these mechanical warriors to fight their battles. That race killed themselves off, however, and spare parts are nearly impossible to find. Don't bother haggling. This one's worth 55 buckazoids for the parts alone. That would be 46 buckazoids with a coupon.

Behind the scenesEdit

Def-tech bought

Because of its low price, the Def-Tech can be purchased by Roger Wilco, but then he will be delivered only a crate of its parts, which are unusable. FB-001 will remark that he sprained his termodiodinal-tricycler carrying it for him.

The design of the droid is inspired by the Rifleman class Battlemech from the Battletech/MechWarrior universe, it's backstory also alludes to this. However, it is much smaller than it's source material.

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