The Earnon Galaxy is a galaxy that is many, many light years from Earth's solar system.[1] it consists of billions and billions of worlds [2]. It is best known for the Earnon system, where the planets Xenon and Earnon are located, home of the Star Confederation. Other planets include Kerona and Labion.


Originally many of the galaxy's worlds were colonized by humans and humanoids from Terra III (Earth) (these cultures are known for their use of toilet paper[3]).

The inhabitants of the galaxy had lived in peace and prosperity for many decades, but events indicated it wouldn't remain rosy forever. Although the galactic government had become corrupt and unresponsive. Young Earnonians had grown rebellious and hostile. Lunatics and sub-Delta morons had taken control of TV networks (this began centuries before, but nobody had noticed until recent times).[4] The people of the galaxy Earnon had been struggling to maintain the precious balance of life.[5] In the Earnon system, the sun, for which the earthlike planet Xenon [zee-non] relied for the building blocks of life was dying.[6]

Sometime after Roger Wilco, thwarted the Sariens, Sluge Vohaul planned to take revenge on the galaxy by unleashing genetically engineered life-insurance salessman clones on the unsuspecting people.[7]

Systems & RegionsEdit


Behind the scenesEdit

The existence of the Earnon Galaxy is unclear. In the introduction for original Space Quest and the manual for Space Quest I remake, Earnon is described as being the name of both the galaxy and the system where Xenon is located. The Earnon galaxy is referenced in the Space Piston manual for SQ2. Xenon appears to be implied to exist in another galaxy other than Milky Way in earlier games.

The events of Space Quest V may take place in the Earnon Galaxy, according to Captain Quirk he refers to the galaxy as the Galaxy. The Space Quest Companion mentions that G6 quadrant where much of SQ5 takes place appears to far away from Andromeda. Which means it either has to take place in Earnon Galaxy or the Milky Way. The Galactic Inquirer refers to the "Milkyway galaxy" lieing outside the galaxy through the Mondorian blackhole, thus implying that SQ3 more than likely takes place in the Earnon galaxy.

Oddly SQ6, makes reference to Milky Way Today, which could imply that Space Quest takes place in the Milky Way galaxy.

Earnon Galaxy (unofficial)Edit

Earnon Galaxy appears in at least one fan game as well, see Earnon Galaxy (unofficial).


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