Earnon (er-non) is a planetary system far beyond the reaches of known space in the Earnon galaxy.[1] It best known as the solar system containing Xenon, threatened by its dying sun. The system was saved through the use of the Star Generator, and ultimately by Roger Wilco. The planet Earnon is the home of the Earnon Sea Urchin.


Earnon was an old system, and its cosmic fountain flowed weakly, Earnon faced its own extinction. For many years, the Sun of Earnon had been slowly dying. The planets were growing cold and food no longer plentiful. The very basics of life were threatened. The beings of these ever darkening worlds struggled to maintain the daily balance of life. On the planet Xenon itself, the resulting atmospheric cataclysms alone could have quickly laid waste to to the civilization which spanned thousands of generations. Its population of organics was nearly destined to witness its own demise. The Xenon scientists had predicted that only certain insect species and most lawyers would survive the resulting ice age.

When the governing body of Xenon was made aware of these facts, steps were taken almost immedietly. Coming to unanimous conclusion that they didn't want to die. The only hope for Earnon's survival had rested in the scientific community on the governing planet of Xenon (Zee-non). It included the most talented minds on the planet, along with the rest of their bodies. They where charged with the task of saving their world. They had been working for quite some time on a radical design for something called a Star Generator. The plan to convert one of the system's lifeless planets into a raging ball of fire, a new Sun. The effort had been centered around the development of radical design of a device called the Star Generator.

The development team for the project had stationed aboard the spacelab Arcada [Aw-kaw-da] and sent to the outer edge of Earnon (the galaxy more likely, rather than the system), millions of kilometers from Xenon, to further its research. It was on aboard that station where the lowly apprentice sanitation engineer, Roger Wilco was employed in tasks requiring only the lowest security clearance. It was common knowledge aboard the Arcada that the scientists had just successfully completed development and first stages of the Star Generator. Although it was still in experimental stages, it appeared to be fully operational. Triumphantly, the good news flashed back to Xenon as the crew of the Arcada prepared for the trip back home. But the news did not travel far before it reached unintended ears. Monitoring the Arcada's transmissions were the Sariens [Sair-ree-ins], space pirates who cruise the galaxies wreaking havoc. Once citizens of Earnon, the Sariens were banished long ago for their warlike ways. The Sariens' immediate intent was to capture the Star Generator and bring it aboard their battle cruiser Deltaur. With the Star Generator in their possession, the Sariens had the ultimate weapon with which take revenge on the civilization that ostracized them long before. They had planned to unleash the its awesome power on Xenon, destroying all life there, and bring the rest of Earnon to its knees. The Sarien's day of reckoning had come, as they swung the massive battle cruiser into attack position, and began firing on the Arcada.



  • Orbital Station 4, one of many stations orbiting Xenon. It is a transfer point for travelers seeking transportation to various planets in the Earnon system.

Plot InconsistencyEdit

In the in-game introduction to the original Space Quest and introduction in the SQ1VGA manual seem to mess up the meaning of the words: "sun", "galaxy" and "solar system". According to those sources, Earnon is mentioned to be a galaxy. But later on, it's made clear that the "sun" of Earnon is dying. AND, it discusses the old system Earnon.

The SQ introduction and SQI manual mainly is talking about the "planetary system" Earnon which is apparently located within the galaxy of Earnon. The system, contains a planet called "Xenon". To put even more weight on this statement, the EGA manual says: "Far beyond the reaches of known space lies a planetary system known to its inhabitants as Earnon".

One particular interesting situation that arises from the unclear descriptions in the remake and within the original AGI version is that Arcada is said to be on the "outer edge of Earnon. In the original manual for Space Quest this was implied to be on the outer edge of the system. Thus this would mean Kerona was another planet within the system. However the Space Quest I manual and the introduction to SQ1 EGA imply that its on the outer edge of the galaxy (although this seems less likely as its said that the Arcada "millions of kilometers from Xenon" which is not very far). In SQ1VGA its said that Kerona located in Outer Zone which suggests that it is located in another system altogether (unless the Outer Zone is another name for the Outer Zone of the system). Confusingly, in SQ4, Kerona's sun is called the 'Ulence sun' (suggesting its in the Ulence system).

However, depending on the source Earnon may be implied to be in the Earnon Galaxy or in another galaxy such as the Milky Way or Andromeda. The examples include; The Space Quest III manual suggests that Roger Wilco may be in the Andromeda Galaxy during the events of that game (as Two Guys from Andromeda were kidnapped from there 'home' system there and taken to Pestulon). An article in the Galactic Inquirer, mentions that Roger left one galaxy and entered the Milkyway galaxy through Mondorian blackhole. Space Quest 6 suggests that StarCon is located in the Milky Way, its inflight magazine is the Milky Way Today. However this may all be explained that StarCon may be large and spread across several galaxies.


  1. SQ Manual, p3

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