The hit icon pushing the product at Monolith.

Elvis Presley is a famous Earth singer.


Some believe he didn't die, he just left the building, and is traveling about space.

He is also to have many fans and look-alikes who try to mimic his style.

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • The King of Rock 'n Roll
  • The King

Behind the scenesEdit

Elvis Presley has been spoofed or referenced to on several occasions in the Space Quest games:

  • In the future, people can talk to Elvis, by calling the Elvis hotline.
  • A velvet Elvis, is still a popular decoration in the future. They can warm the look of a place a bit.[1]
  • In the Galactic Inquirer there was an article about a sighting of Elvis at Monolith Burger.
  • He can sometimes be seen walking around in the background at the StarCon Academy.
  • In Nigel and Singent's room at the Dew Beam Inn, there's a Pelvis rug on the wall.
  • An alien who looks like Elvis can be sometimes be seen at the 8-Rear on the DeepShip 86.

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