Model: Endodroid
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Voice Actor(s):

Tom Chantler

Backstory Edit

Endodroids are artificial entities composed of a metallic solid with a large number of protons per atom, called droidium. Endodroids are designed typically for infiltration and assassination jobs. Their ability to change shapes makes them ideally suitable for the job, and consequently, extremely dangerous.

Fortunately, endodroids are easily detectable using an unmodified datacorder, and can be restrained for a limited amount of time by freezing, typically with liquid nitrogen.

Game Involvement Edit

While visiting Polysorbate LX on leave, Roger encountered an endrodroid in the basement of Orion's Belt. Paid by a droid hunter, Blaine Rohmer, and provided a datacorder, Roger's ingenuity (or dumb luck) allowed him to find a way to subdue the endodroid. Following the transfer of the endodroid, the droid hunter was proven less resourceful than Roger and the endodroid escaped, wrecking the bar in the process.


"You go now and I don't rearrange your organs."

References Edit

At the basement of Orion's Belt, the Endodroid is seen fixing his arm, which, along with the right side of his face, resembles the scene from the original Terminator before Arnold puts on a pair of sunglasses.The Endodroid is a loose reference to the T-1000 shapeshifting droid as seen in the movie "Terminator 2: Judgement Day". It also is likely a reference to the Replicants in "Blade Runner".

His accent is reminiscent of that of the actor/governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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