Although Roger Wilco must save the galaxy through his clever thinking and...cleverness, he must also defeat enemies and dangerous encounters at times.

Space QuestEdit

Space Quest 2Edit

  • In this game, Roger must defeat Sludge Vohaul for the first time.

Space Quest 3Edit

Space Quest 4Edit

  • Roger must save the Latex Babes of Estros from the Sea Slug.
  • Roger must save his son from Vohaul
  • The bikers in Space Quest I will try to run over Roger if he doesn't jump away quick enough

Space Quest 5Edit

Space Quest 6Edit

  • Sharpei is Wilco's final adversary in SQ6.
  • The two thugs on Polysorbate LX must be subdued before Roger can escape their apartment. The first is fried and the second is given a burlesque moddie.
  • The Endodroid must be frozen and put into an ice tray
  • Djurkwhad must be defeated by cheating at Stooge Fighter.

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