The game developement company which was at one time planned to be developing yet another Space Quest.

From the Escape Factory website:

Escape Factory, Ltd. was founded in August 2000 with three goals:

  • Entertain and delight millions of people of all ages and interests
  • Break new ground with innovative games
  • Treat employees to the most fun, creative, and productive period in their lives

At first, Escape Factory focused exclusive on console game development. Our first project was a character-based platform game for the Xbox and PS2. Unfortunately, the project was cancelled part-way through development and we decided to leave the extremely competitive console market to focus instead on the new casual game market that was emerging on the Internet.

Our first four casual games were released in the summer of 2003 to very positive feedback. Moving forward, we have launched a new venture - Sprout Games, LLC - to take advantage of this exciting new market. Escape Factory remains as our big-title studio should we decide to re-enter that market in the future, but is currently inactive.

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