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Escape Pod


Escape Pod


Roger Wilco




Vohaul's Asteroid Fortress

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Escape pod from Vohaul's Asteroid Fortress used by Roger Wilco to escape. Due to its speed and oxygen supply, a ColdSleep chamber is provided. Roger was asleep in chamber for nearly a century, getting piloting lessons from the EduStim system, [1] until the pod was captured by a Gar'Bage garbage freighter, where it still possibly remains.


Plot InconsistencyEdit

The sleep chamber at the end of Space Quest 2 seems to have a strange effect on boots. When Roger climbs into the chamber his boots are purple, but when he emerges again in Space Quest 3 they've suddenly become black. To add even more confusion, in Space Quest 3 many views show a small Roger with purple boots. The big question remains; does Roger have two pair of boots in SQ3, or did the Two Guys simply mess up (again)? It is believed the boots were originally meant to be purple, but the Two Guys had to change it later on because of Phleebhut's purple sand. The small animations of Roger were left untouched, with the original purple boots as a result.This boot problem does not occur in the VGA remake by Infamous Adventures, although the sleep chamber opens differently than in the original version.


  1. Space Quest Companion, Second Edition, 136

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