The Eternal Entity is an enigmatic god-like being that Roger Wilco believes in, and is the adversary of the Nemesis.


Little is known about the being, other than it has an adversary known as the Nemesis. Roger only mentions it a few times. Roger has been known to make silent prayers to it during his early adventures.

Roger discusses the Eternal Entity in more detail as soon after he travelled to the future and noticed strange writing in the horizon which told him the era he was in. Roger speculated that the text was the electronic printout from the Eternal Entity's word processor or were put there by the Eternal Entity's adversary, the Nemesis, or just a side affect of time travel.[1]

Roger has been known to thank the Eternal Entity for seatbelts, especially the one that saved his life during the crash on Kerona. After Roger Wilco took command of the SCS Eureka, Wil'm Pol'k, the High Commander and Admiral Deluxe of the StarConFederation Fleet hoped that the Eternal Entity would have mercy on all of StarCon.

The Eternal Entity may be similar to the Narrator which the Two Guys from Andromeda (and other Sierra designers) added to the video game series based on Roger's exploits.

While its not known if Eternal Entity is God (with a capital G), some make reference to such a being.[2]

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