Tha EverWiser Bunnus mechanical race (not mechoid) from NiCad the Rechargeable. They are mechanical and brightly colored hares made out of a polyplastoid material, powered by a portable power pellet (a battery).


The EverWiser Bunnus is considered to be the highest evolved battery-operated form of intelligence in the universe. That doesn't mean they are smart, however. Nor are they particularly observent. In fact, they are easily snared, trapped, or tripped. EverWiser Bunnus always announce their coming by beating their own drum.[1] According to legend the creatures can operate forever on the single power source presented to them at birth. The legend may be true; no one has ever reported discovering a discarded bunnus power supply. However, people have been known to appropriate the batterries; their long makes their value on the open market enormous. The Energizer Bunny is a member of this race.


  1. Space Quest Companion, Second Edition, 221, 223

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