Droids-B-Us Vendor Droid

Model: FB-001
Designated Purpose:

Sales Clerk

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512 buckazoids (407 with a coupon)

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Backstory Edit

The FB-001 is the somewhat depressed and sarcastic droid used by Droids B Us for dispensing their droids in Space Quest 1. His main purpose is to present purchased robots and droids to Droids B Us customers.

Game Involvement Edit

While trapped on Kerona and visiting Ulence Flats in Space Quest 1, Roger found himself in need of a droid and purchased one from Droids B Us. The purchase resulted in a conversation with the Droids B Us droid delivery droid, who expressed in no uncertain terms his contempt for Roger and the filthiness of carbon based life forms in general.

Salesbug descriptionEdit

This is an all-purpose household model. It cooks, sews, does windows and brews a little moonshine on the side. However, I have only one left, and I put it to work in the warehouse. If you were to insist, I could let you have it for a mere 512 buckazoids (407 with a coupon).

References Edit

The Droids B Us droid looks strikingly like Robby the Robot, a robot character from the 1956 sci-fi movie Forbidden Planet and various other movies and TV shows since then.

In the files this character is even named "Robbie".