Face huggers are a creatures from Achoron. They are tame enough to come right up and caress you, yet wild enough to slash you to shreds if provoked. Roger kept an acid-wielding face hugger as a pet, naming it Spike. However it turned out to be a Spikette. Roger encountered another face huger while helping out Wriggley. Kurt Megatroid of Gangularis also kept a pet face hugger.

The problem with face huggers is they have a tendancy to turn into Xenomorphs. A women, likely Wriggley, had landed her shuttle on board the SCS Deepship 86. She contaminated the Deepship with the acid-bleeding multi-jawed exo-skeletal aliens, roger had alot of trouble trying to clean up after them. The inside of her shuttle were likely still infested with a half-dozen of the miniature face-hugging saliva-dripping face-eating exo-skeletal alien piranha things.

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