The Federation president (aka ConFederation president) is the commander and chief of the Star Confederation, and a member of the Xenon ruling body.


He is based on Xenon. He was one of the delegates who presented Roger Wilco, the Golden Mop of Xenon, the highest wartime honor for his profession[1], along with the Mayor of Xenon.

A Kleptoid from Klepto apparently once campaigned for the Confederation presidency. The galaxy rose up in outrage, declaring with their vote, that they preferred the thieves they didn't know to the thieves they did. They said, "If they were going to be robbed, they wanted to be robbed blind".


  1. SQC2E, 35

Behind the scenesEdit

  • it is believed he is inspired by King Graham from Sierra's King's Quest series, based on the blue hat which he wears and light gray hair. However this has never been confirmed. The Xenon Leader is also much older man, with a scarred face. His chin and nose is very different. With the leader's nose being much larger than Grahams, and having Kirk Douglas like chin. In fact the Xenon Leader looks quite a bit like an elderly Kirk Douglas.
  • The president where a grey military-like uniform with two rows of brass buttons, grey pants, bluefish belt, and black leg high boots. Similar appearance to Star Wars officer uniform (or later Star Con uniforms). Shares some resemblance to Sequel Police uniforms.
  • In the files for SQ1VGA this character is listed as the "Xenon Leader" in 68.scr. Another reference in the file also says 'king' but this appears to be in reference to one of the persons in the crowd, as Xenon Leader sprite and his close up are listed seperately.

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