An inventory item in Space Quest 6, the fish inexplicably follows Roger around the game, always ending up in his inventory (in progressing states of decay) despite all attempts to rid him of it. One theory suggests that Roger himself hung onto it because "it might come in useful." Even when it is actively taken away from him, someone always manages to get it back to him. "Hey! You forgot your fish!"

The ultimate brain food its ultimately used to defeat Sharpei.

This may be a reference to the fishes in King's Quest 5, which is used to distract the bear away from the beehive, and another used to distract Manannan.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • As the fish is an inventory item that is unused, it can be considered a "red herring". However, it ultimately becomes the most useful item in the game as it is used to help defeat Sharpei.