Fly-Boy from behind

Model: Model QR 7 Pilot Droid or Nav-201 Pilot Droid (depending on the timeline)
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Fly-Boy is a Nav-201 Pilot Droid.


Fly-boy was particularly skilled and experienced at his job. He was given to Droids B Us as repayment of a gambling debt by an unknown gambling type and later purchased in Space Quest 1 by Roger Wilco while trapped on Kerona and and visiting Ulence Flats.

Finding himself in need of a droid, he purchased Fly-Boy from Droids B Us. The droid proved vital to the success of Roger's mission to stop the Sariens from using the Star Generator as a weapon. Fly-Boy expertly piloted Roger's ship, a (accidentally stolen) Drallion Cruiser to the Deltaur, and saved Roger from potentially floating infinitely in space if the janitor had tried to do it himself.

Fly-Boy is also honored on Xenon when they return. The last time Roger sees Fly-Boy is shortly before he was put on Orbital Station 4.

Roger believed it was possible that Fly-Boy was converted into one of the Droid-O-Deaths by Sludge Vohaul and was sent to search for survivors on Xenon.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fly-Boy is Roger Wilco's name for the two droids in The Official Guide To Roger Wilco's Space Adventures as seen in SQ1EGA (first edition of the guide) or SQ1VGA (second edition of the guide) and thus may refer to either the Model QR 7 Pilot Droid or the Nav-201 droid. Which one Roger encountered depends on which timeline he remembers (Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (original version) vs. the VGA time sector).

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