Fubar Snafu
Fubar Snafu was Roger's boss and chief on the Xenon Orbital Station 4.[1]


Roger's new boss was well aware of Roger's 'impressive history', and apparently was the one who requested Roger be reassigned to the Orbital Station 4. From the moment Roger made it to the station, Fubar had been jealous of Roger's fame, and been after him from day one. Seemed to be gleefully to treat the hero, as a lowly janitor.[2] He gave him Roger a communication watch the first day of the job to make sure he'd be properly supervised.

He would constantly nag at Roger Wilco (who still continued to shirk his work by sleeping in the hall closet). Nag, nag, nag, day and night, that is all his superiors ever did. He'd order roger to clean the outside the station, then the inside, and then both.His boss never gave him a moment's rest, and paid him diddly squat. Whenever he messed up, such as losing equipment, his boss would take it out of his salary.

Roger also always complained to Fubar about other staff, his superiors, others messing with his stuff in his locker. Above all he complained about the nitwit Janitor assigned to the nightshift who shared the same locker as his, and was always wearing Roger's uniform, and taking Roger's things, and cluttering the locker with his stuff (like a dialect translator, a Cubix Rube, and an athletic supporter) to Roger's annoyance. That nitwit was actually Roger himself, but he never seemed to keep track of his own things (the dialect translator had been with him since Arcada, the athletic supporter, cubix rue were the only things the 'boss' had allowed him to take aboard the Xenon Orbital Station in the first place), and it meant that Fubar had to reprimand him even more.

About one year after the galaxy had been saved, Fubar ordered Roger to sweep out the trash out of an air shoot in construction zone Groucho Harpo Zeppo 3. Mocking Roger for being a hero, and wanting to see how 'heroically' he get the job done, and on the double. Also warning Roger not to get any high and mighty ideas, about being too good to do the work. Reminding him he may have been a hero once, but that he was a janitor now.[3] His boss may have remembered he was a hero, but he forgot he saved the universe from the Sariens, or didn't care.

While Roger was doing the work, he contacted Roger through his communicator to calling him to the transport control station. Once Roger finally made it there, he ordered Roger to scrub vomit in the Shuttle Bay One. If he didn't do it right, it would be his last screw up, and he'd be fired.

He may have been in cahoots with Sludge Vohaul and was behind sending him to the shuttle bay to be captured.[4] He did give Roger a useless U-Design-It stud and rhinestone machine as a birthday present.

Personality and traits Edit

He's a balding man with blond hair. Luminous veins stand in bold defiance to the planes of his temples. He looked much healthier when Roger first came aboard. He is never happy with Roger, and Roger usually tries to stay clear of him.

Nicknames and TitlesEdit

  • Private Fubar Snafu
  • Bucko
  • Chief

Behind the scenesEdit

FUBAR means "fucked up beyond all repair"

SNAFU means "situation normal all fucked up"

Interestingly, in the Official Guide to Roger Wilco's Space Adventures his boss on the communicator, and the man who walks up in the transportation room appear to be treated as two seperate characters, another one of his nagging superiors. In the Companion they are the same character. But then again Roger tends to be more 'clueless' in RWSA book. In the game, the person on the watch, and the character who greets him in the transportations room do look different (as one has a beard, and the other doesn't), but does appear to act like the same superior who contacted him on the wrist watch, who called him in to see him. If you walk in with the EVA suit on, he is called 'the boss' and he fires you (indicating they are the same character). And looking at him also calls him 'the boss' and the narrator warns Roger to stay clear from him for a while.

There is however another character sitting in on the consoles (perhaps the transporter officer the boss/chief mentions) and he refers to the other as, 'the chief', and says almost the same things that character in the RWSA says (as in referring back to the 'boss') so it's possible both characters were 'merged' in RWSA book.


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