Future Timeline is a term employed by the developers of the Laterfusion bomb, to designate important events of the future that must not be messed with or deviated from. Individuals may have Future Timeline significances if something they do in the future will have important impact on future history. Roger Wilco is one Vital Timeline Lifeform with Future Timeline significance that stretches all the way up to the Space Quest XII (time sector).

Future TimelineEdit

The timeline that they are concerned in protecting consists of;

  • Space Quest 0: Replicated (TLC makes reference to the Xenonian (unofficial) race)
  • Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (original only or remake?)
  • Space Quest II (original or fan remake? Fan timeline suggests parallel timelines where both may be the case)
  • Space Quest: The Lost Chapter (is that Space Quest 2.5?)
  • Space Quest III
  • Space Quest IV
  • Space Quest V
  • Space Quest VI
  • Space Quest XII (Roger Wilco is still alive and an important person leading scientists under him to build the Wilco Interactive, utilizing the material given to him by the mysterious Vonster D.)

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