Galaxy Galleria (3.00)

Yet another Galaxy Galleria in the universe. It is one of 20 million stores across the universe. This Galaxy Galleria is smaller and older than the one in SQX. It located near Estros and a nearby Monalith Burger Fly-In.



  • The information in SQ4.5 is mixed. In the original version 1.1, it seemed implied that it was the same Galaxy Galleria as before. According to a new narration sequence added to 3.00, it is a different and smaller Galaxy Galleria than the one SQX. However some of the other dialogue in 3.00 (and leftover from 1.1) implies that he has been at this Gallaxy Galleria before (sometime in the future). In one example if one looks at the the Radio Shock store front it is mentioned that its one of many stores in the universe. Yet during hist first visit inside the store the narrator says he has been there before.
  • Version 1.1 reused the background from SQ4, 3.00 has an all new artwork including shows the station, plus nearby planet and moon (likely Estros) and and the Monalith Fly-In.
  • It has two stores less than the Gallaxy Galleria in SQ4 (minus the arcade and the women's clothing store).
  • The store is in the same general location as the one in SQ4, near Estros (although they are not considered the same store according to a line in SQ4.5, version 3.00).
  • In Space Quest IV.5 its states that its one of millions of Galaxy Galleria's accross the universe. There is apparently one near the Sol system as well.
  • However, in official Space Quest material there is actually only one Galaxy Galleria in the universe. The original Space Piston Magazine released with SQ4 for instance speaks of a Radio Shock sale at their Galaxy Galleria location. Sack's, the Skate O' Rama, Software Excess, and Buckazoid Bill's are all also said to be located in 'the Galaxy Galleria Mall'. A food server is wanted for the Monolith Burger at the Galaxy Galleria in SQ6 manual.