The Gar'Bage are a race of cybernetic scavengers.


They are forever combing the Void in search of wrecked or derelict spaceships, satellites, and stations on board their Gar'bage freighters. This is thought to be their only means of production, although no one (other than themselves) knows for sure. Made up of recycled parts, completely metalic but somewhat humanoid in form, they have no forbearance for organic life, and less for love. On the other hand, they do the galaxy a great service by cleaning up after the organic life forms. If left alone, they go aobut there business efficiently and in peace.[1] The Gar'Bage robots have no regard for organics.

It is rumoured that these robots during their travels collect space dust and sell it as a novelty. Exactly why and what they are doing with the money afterwards has yet to be investigated by StarCon.[citation needed]


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