Roger being warned off by the Giant Snake

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The Giant Snake can be found on the planet Phleebhut, having grown big there. Typically a timid creature, the snake does not attack unless it feels threatened, and gives its victims a warning to back off by tickling them with its tongue. However, if they ignore the warning and keep moving towards the snake, they will be eaten whole.

Game Involvement Edit

Roger Wilco encountered one of these creatures on Phleebhut during his short visit there in Space Quest 3. Examining the snake one notices that "They sure grow them big here, don't they" implying that the snake is an ordinary snake, but in environment of Phleebut is able to grow to enormous size. While Space Quest 6 would suggest that the species is not native, it is possible that the snake went extinct between SQ3 and 6. One theory suggests he was eaten by the Giant Snake. However, as he clearly survived the encounter, it is probable that he simply saw it and gave in to his cowardly instincts and ran away!

Behind the scenesEdit

Easter Eggs Edit

If the player types in "BRIDLE CRUNCHER" or CRUSHER, GRINDER or SHREDDER in the same room as the snake, it triggers this message : You've been getting some mighty strange ideas from playing 'KQ II', haven't you? You loose 5 points., which is a reference to a particular puzzle in King's Quest II. After that, the game actually retrieves five points from your current score. That way, your points can even have a negative value.