One of them is Gladys

Gladys was a communications officer on board the Xenon Orbital Station 4.[1]


Roger Wilco once tried to ask her out on a date to Monolith Burger, but she never looked up from her post and ignored him. She was always looking at the icons on her computer screen all the time, and would drag the icons she didn't want to the toilet on her screen. She continued to be Roger's crush and was constantly on his mind... She has no interest in cross-dressers, and if she knew Roger Wilco had dressed up as a women, she would never go out with him ever. Roger had been told that she and the other more female of the XOS crew liked the cut of Roger's skivvies.[2] But if she did, Roger couldn't tell, as she almost always had her face glued to her control panel.

Roger believed it is possible that Gladys was captured by Vohaul and turned into one of the cyborg, and sent to roam the streets of some Xenon city to find more survivors and bring them to Sludge Vohaul.

Behind the scenesEdit

When Roger woke up out of the sleeppod he initially thought he had been a sleep for a thousand years, and assumed by then Gladys would already be dead. But later speculates that it was probably less time, a thousand days or a thousand minutes.

When Roger first saw his son in the Super Computer, he wondered if Gladys was his mother.

Gladys appears in SQ2 apparently, as one of the individuals looking at computer screens in the XOS command center. Most of these individuals look alike with either brown or blond hair, and animated or non animated. There are two brunette individuals appearing to be dragging something across the screen or at least touching buttons beside their screen (which could be intepreted as dragging icons across the screen), on the other hand as Roger Wilco assumes that Jr.'s mother was Gladys, this might suggest that she is actually a blonde (however this is not reliable considering that Roger himself has been both a brunette and a blonde).


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