Graham (aka Maharg) is an individual from the Daventry Zone. He is the star of the King's Quest series.


As a knight Sir Graham allegedly was a cross dresser.[1]

He once witnessed a strange object land in Castle Daventry's moat. He discovered it was a strange metal object after the moat drained. This object was an escape pod containing Roger Wilco. Roger barely remembers the event but seems to recall it involved pressing a button, marked "Don't Touch".[2] He discussed this event while trapped playing card games with Graham and his daughter, Rosella.

Roger Wilco believes he once saw Graham being carried by a giant bird on Estros. The other unfortunate adventurer was suffering a similiar fate as his own! There wasn't anything he could do for the helpless stranger.

Some time later, King Graham was kicked out of the Daventry Condo Association and had adventures with individuals such as Rumplestiltskim, Prof. C.D. Romberg, and the Fabulous Bernoulli Brothers, etc.[3] These adventures would be chronicles in the game, Kings Quest XXXXVIII - Quest for Disk Space. He also involved with King's Quest XLIII. He found the latter clogging super computers and the former ending up in bargain bins across the universe.

Upon noticing King's Quest XXXXVIII, Roger thought "oh gee, give it up, Sierra. Give that poor old king a rest."[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Graham is also mentioned in SQ6, where Gary Owens goes into falsetto and mimics Cedric.

The Graham character in SQ4 is listed as "maharg" and 'helpless stranger' (Maharg) in the SQ4 floppy files 297.scr.

Many believe that the Federation president in the SQ1VGA remake is based on King Graham, although this has not been confirmed.


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